soulconsignment (soulconsignment) wrote in artificialcell,


Helooo out there!
I am trying to plan a trip to Vernon.
I want to go to the Silver Star Resort there, and I am hoping to get a ride leaving Fri Feb 10th and getting to Vernon that Aft. Coming back to Vancouver I would like ot leave Vernon Sunday and get back sunday evening. If not the weekend of the 10th, 11th, 12th,
I would like to shoot for the weekend of the 17th 18th 19th.
Two nights there, preferably the Fri and Sat nights, is what I really would like. I can help with a bit of gas. I have people expecting me there. If you can only get me a ride there and you plan on staying a couple days longer than the sunday perhaps we can work somehting out...
I miss my freinds and I want to go visit! I am easy going and good conversation. I do not have a liscence, and I do not put out.
I play guitar and violin..and I am a good listener as well...
Hope someone can help!!
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